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Humane, Positive Approach with Results!

Your dog wants to make you happy, but just doesn't understand you.  COME translates to "kdfiei" and STAY means "rlkjgif".  Heck, they don't speak English, they speak dog!! 

To help people and their canine companions, we create fun games to teach your dog behaviors you desire.  These games are scientifically based, but definitely not science class boring. 


Our games foster a relationship and a willingness to go above and beyond what you can imagine today.  Today you want your dog to sit, but your dog will surprise you with awesome behaviors you didn't imagine!

We hope you are ready to be amazed by your dog's potential - it only needs to be unlocked with our great games.

In-Home & Private

Private and customized training in the convenience of your home

Day Training

Busy? We can help train your dog while you attend to life


Stressed? Need help or advice? Our consultation is right for your needs

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