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In-Home & Private

Private and customized training in the convenience of your home

Day Training

Busy? We can help train your dog while you attend to life

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Private Consultation

Some examples of cases that need private consultation:


  • Preparing for a new puppy 

  • Recently adopted a rescue dog

  • Introducing a new dog to existing pet(s) and/or children

  • Preparing your dog for a new baby

  • Dog that over-reacts to other dogs, skateboards, noise, etc

  • Dog that fights with other dogs in their home environment

  • Dog that guards toy and/or food from you and/or another dog

  • Dog that are showing signs of aggression (growling, lunging, snapping)

  • Dog that have toilet training problems

  • Dog that escape the yard

  • Dog with separation anxiety

Consultations are 90 minutes to discuss your needs and will include a management plan.


Each private consultation is $150.  Private consultation does not include training, it is the first step to ease your stress and to start your path toward having your dream dog.


A travel fee of $5 for out of area.

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