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Customized In-Home Training

Does your dog have a problem with: leash pulling...barking...nipping...fear of people or dogs... pottying inside the house...running away when called...ignoring you...stealing your food...jumping on people...and many more?


Now, imagine a perfect day with your best friend.  Is it taking a leisurely stroll with him walking next to your side; greeting new passersby with a relaxed panting smile; him sitting contently at an outdoor café as you delight on a delicious meal? 


You can have that dream!


Our fun and engaging games make the word "training" passé.  Get the dream dog you always wanted.

How It Works:

  • You choose what you want to learn

  • Puppy to adult stages of learning

  • Basic manners to competition ready training

  • Resolve major behavioral problems: aggression or over-reactivity in the safety of your home

  • Lessons are personalized to your level and your dog's level of learning and lifestyle

  • From the convenience of your home, your team can learn at your own pace within a comfortable environment

  • Individual attention from a certified trainer offering specific feedback so you can implement the techniques with ease

  • Specialized coaching to help you confidently master through every step of training

  • Lessons are scheduled for your convenience

  • Unlimited email and video trouble-shooting assistance

  • Each session is 60 minutes

  • All packages include a 90-minute home consultation prior to training

  • Packages:​ 

    • Introductory Package - 4 sessions - $530

    • Standard Package - 8 sessions - $910

    • Premium Package - 12 sessions - $1,290

An out of area travel fee of $5/session may apply.

Day Training

Busy? We can help train your dog while you attend to life


Stressed? Need help or advice? Our consultation is right for your needs

Contact Us!

Ready for results with fun games?

Call us to get started!

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